UNAH Internship​

The mission behind this job was to create illustrations that represented landmarks from southern Honduras. Each illustration was created with lines in order to reflect the art that characterizes Honduras. 


Casa Valle
Traje Tipico
Isla Amapala
Puente Choluteca
La Merced

Beanar.io Internship​

The goal of this job was to create characters that would allow people to relate to the webpage loncheando.com. 
Loncheando.com is an app that allows customers to have food from multiple restaurants delivered in one trip.
The designers of the app wanted it to be more dynamic for people who are ordering, therefore they decided to incorporate "Munchies" that would entertain people while they scroll through their ads. 
This project took around 100 hours. It was done in Illustrator. Many sketches and consultations were made in the process. In the end, the designers and advertisers were satisfied with the job done.